"Katisse will always be, for our money, the greatest jazz flutist under the sun."

LA Weekly



“I just want to say how much I dug this record! Nobody's doing any shit like this.”

Multi Grammy-winning Billy Childs



“This is a breath of fresh air.”




"Katisse’s genre-crossing fusion of jazz and hip-hop is definitely worth the hype."




”Katisse Buckingham leads a double musical life, most often as one of the area's most sought-after woodwind players. But on the last Thursday of every month, he leads his own band in a unique mix of jazz, soul, hip-hop & rap, beatboxing his way through flutes and leaving even seasoned studio veterans often in astonishment.”

Tom Meek - LA Jazz.com




" I've been fortunate to perform with Katisse Buckingham and experience his expertise as a musician. With his new CD " A World To The Wise" Katisse has now joined the realm of being a great artist. His new CD breaks new ground and represents a new and fresh approach to the world of Jazz. This CD is a must listen to everyone who loves good music and wants to discover a great new artist."

3 time Grammy-winning Oscar Hernández



"This album has re-insipired me to enjoy music listening. I put it on for the energy, the great writing, playing, and gorgeous singing. The harmonic and rhythmic brain food always keeps me interested. Now, having listened to it a bunch of times, the words are sinking in. They're complex, up, open and positive. Katisse has poured his heart and soul into this record. Thank you for this great work of art, Katisse!"

Alex Wurman- Composer (March of The Penguins, Anchorman, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)





"His newest album, “A World to the Wise,” contains the best alto flute playing I’ve ever heard."

The Flute View Magazine



"Katisse’s unique setup of flute, drum, and stylish delivery will tickle your ear drum."

Speak Volumes Media